I was born in central Sweden in 1963. I grew up in a town in the southern part of this old and peaceful northern European country, but I have lived most of my life in its capital city, Stockholm.

I am a humanist, a seeker and a globalist – in the inclusive sense of the word. I have always been fascinated by different aspects of the development of our species. I have traveled extensively. I am also a communicator. During a large chunk of my professional life I have worked as a journalist. Every few years I have devoted myself to writing books. Lately, podcasting has become one of my means of communication. 

I have always known that I have a spiritual trait. Since I was a kid I have had an intuitive knowledge that we are more than our bodies and that what we can measure in the physical realm isn’t the whole reality.

My need for freedom has given me a hard time getting too entrenched in the matrix of society. Thus, nowadays I try to lead as independent a life as possible.

In my quest for the truth about reality and humankind, I strive to erase the imaginary red line between science and what we call spirituality. When you think of it, there cannot be a sharp line. Things that were considered metaphysical two hundred years ago are mainstream science today, and this shifting is likely to continue.

On a more societal level, I want to examine why it is so difficult for us to understand that the world is in a better shape than we are conditioned to believe by the power and the media (which are to a large extent the same thing), and that humankind is for the most part exactly that: kind.

Two parts of the world to which I have dedicated special attention are the European Union and Africa. The hispanic world is also close to my heart.