✔ Give me assignments as a writer for journalistic or other texts

✔ Book me as a speaker or moderator at events like seminars, webinars and conferences

✔ English or Swedish

I take on themes like:

  • Global Megatrends
  • “The Cozy Darkness of the Apocalypse” (why we think the world is worse than it is)
  • Pitfalls of Journalism
  • Climate Change – the Whole Story
  • Africa’s Window of Opportunity
  • The Origins of Civilization and Humanity 
  • “Mind the Shift” (why global integration makes our period in history pivotal)
  • “Bridging the Gap” (consciousness and the nature of reality)

I also offer one-on-one coaching calls on demand on topics like the above.

Email: anders@andersbolling.com

Phone: +46 706278275




One-on-one coach