Already in the early 1990’s I co-wrote a handbook about the European Union, but my first ”real” book was a settlement with the prevailing worldview, a message that had been maturing in my mind for some years when it finally hit the shelves in 2009. A few years later I published, as a kind of spin-off, a collection of essays about the dissolution of borders in the world. Most recently, in 2018, I co-wrote (together with Erik Esbjörnsson) a book about Africa’s challenges and possibilities.

Apokalypsens gosiga mörker

(“The Cozy Darkness of the Apocalypse”)

The world is in a significantly better shape than we think. Why we fail to realize this is something of a mystery, but there are some clues, cultural as well as psychological, and in the first part of the book I try to analyze those. The second part focuses on the evidence: Here is the true state of the world. Three subsections: Welfare, environment and conflict. [In Swedish]

Farväl, oskuld

(“Goodbye, Innocence”)

Humankind is integrating – truly integrating – for the first time in history. On every speck of the planet it is possible to know in real time what is happening on every other speck. In these essays I discuss the consequences for power, money, knowledge, integrity, identity, gender equality, social life, crime and conflicts when walls between categories of people, culture, habit and gender are crumbling. [In Swedish]


(“The Billion Boom”)

This book discusses Africa’s possible window of opportunity. Sub-Saharan Africa is the only region in the world where the demographic transition still hasn’t taken place. When it does, if it happens at a rapid pace, the continent could reap dividends. But many wise decisions have to be made simultaneously for this possibility not to be squandered (FB page here). [In Swedish]


(Catharsis = purification / cleansing / purgation)

A short novel (under pseudonym Ella P Ander) about sexuality and gender identity. We accompany HH on a work trip to Brussels and Las Palmas, where she has a number of human encounters. We gradually enter her inner life. Her sexuality and desire follow her wherever she goes; are they a blessing or a curse? Eventually we understand there is something else she plans to do on the trip… [In Swedish]

Ett ägg av fjädrar

(“An Egg of Feathers”)

A collection of short stories written under pseudonym Ella P Ander. They are different in character and not thematically connected. But the stories are all a bit dream-like (parts came to me in the form of dreams), and they challenge the consistency of identity and time. [In Swedish]