Here you can find the bulk of all the articles and columns I have written since the early 2000’s, mainly in the leading Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter. Earlier texts are mostly only in print.

Framstegsbloggen (the Progress Blog)

[In Swedish]
Blog in Dagens Nyheter 2011–2017 highlighting progress and misconceptions about progress. Awarded by Swedish Science Academy IVA in 2015.

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Essays, articles, and scripts on various topics from politics and psychology to the more esoteric realm.

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Dagens Nyheter

[In Swedish]
Thousands of articles covering politics, economics, science, culture and general news from my over twenty years at the leading Swedish newspaper.

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Follow-up blog on books

[In Swedish]
Further discussions on my books ”Apokalypsens gosiga mörker” (“The Cozy Darkness of the Apocalypse”) and ”Farväl, oskuld” (“Farewell, Innocence”).

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Other newspapers

A selection of articles in other news media

My columns and articles at Warp News

[In English]

Overarching theme: The world is better than we are led to believe.

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”Därför tonas goda nyheter om klimatet ned”

[Fokus, 04-24-2023, in Swedish]

Analyzing article dissecting driving forces behind the IPCC.

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”Succéfilmen ’Don’t Look Up’ har fått allt om bakfoten”

[Fokus, 01-25-2022, in Swedish]

Column criticizing director Adam McKay for getting things backwards.

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”Trots rubrikerna – klimatläget ganska hoppfullt”

[Fokus, 11-05-2021, in Swedish]
Analyzing article ahead of COP-26 summit comparing facts with official narrative.

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”Nu talar siffrorna för att Afrikas tid är här”

[Svenska Dagbladet, 09-16-2018, in Swedish]
Erik Esbjörnsson and I write about Africa’s window of opportunity.

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”State of the World in Two Minutes”

[On Dagens Nyheter’s Youtube channel, 06-08-2016]
Video explainer summing up major global trends.

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”Utopierna som försvann i mediebruset”

[Uttryck Magazine, 04-08-2015, in Swedish]
An essay on the utopia-dystopia theme.

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CNNAre you ignorant about the world?

[CNN, 03-07-2015]
During a trip in the US with Dr Hans Rosling, Gapminder foundation, I wrote this piece for CNN.

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”Ekonomiska krisen inte så farlig för Sverige”

[Dagens Nyheter, 08-09-2009, in Swedish]
Op-ed. Thesis: The 2008 economic crisis will show to be a small dip on the long-term growth curve.

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